Faster Than A Butterfly's Wing.

So I just finished watching The Butterfly Effect on Netflix, the movie was just bad that I couldn't even say a word, not even after that bad ending, it was so bad that even made me cry, not even Ashton Kutcher couldn't made the movie entertaining. :'(

Now one question got into in my head saying "If you had a journal of you gaming logs and moments and could travel in time to change your terrible past and change the future?" This would be definitely different than the movie and it wouldn't make the future worst like in the movie "which is one of the main reasons why the movie was awful"

If I could change my past it would be never me never spending my money on Destroy All Humans! Path of the Furon and the new Prince of Persia, the next thing would be tell the one the truth on how I really felt about her and never bothered her, then it would be getting more with old friends before getting left behind now in gaming.

Now if you could travel in time to your past to change the the future from something that's game related, what would it be?

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Man the movie got me so depressed that I had to made something like this, and I'm not even sure or see if my English was well used out of depression.

If I could change a game related event in my past, it'd be spending more time with my Saturn, N64, and Dreamcast. I was working/attending college and the little bit of time I played video games was spent on the PS1. After I graduated I went right into the PS2 and ignored my other consoles. There's a lot of great titles I missed out on and I'm not even going to go into listing them... way too many.

But just like The Butterfly Effect, if my past was changed, my future might have been altered -- like I might not have done well in school. I've always felt like things happen for a reason. 

butterfly effect as awesome. you need to watch the directors cut though.

I love that movie. :D  If I could go back in time I'd spend less time playing COD multiplayer and more time finishing good single player stories.