faster lap times, upgrading and tunes.

i have a leaderboard car a chevy spark for f class. I can't get it to go as fast and keep up with other sparks racing.  I've tried upgrading for horsepower and handling and tweeking the tunes such as brakes and gear ratios and have used the tuning calc to set the parts.  I set the gear ratios for the longest straight on a track so it is about to redline in the highest gear on leaving the straight.  Any tips or help would be greatly recieved.  Maybe some advice on which upgrades to use or anything i am missing!!!!


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Watch a top ten replay and turn telemetry on.  Write down the max hp, torque, boost or not, as well as the # of gears.  When you upgrade, match the hp and torque, then add handling, drivetrain, etc. within the PI.


Which calculator are you using to set the adjustable handling (ARB, springs, rebound, etc.)?

Isn't the spark one of those cars that if you use automatic it gives it only ONE gear, which is always putting out maximum HP non-stop?

If so, that's your answer.  If not, the calculator will only give you a good base map, it's not made to make leaderboard cars. The above advice is probably the best you'll get.

did you change your drivetrain to RWD?  the top spark builds are most likely set up as RWD..     in these lower class cars you have to have very good braking and cornering technique. early on the throttle at the apex is essential to lengthen and get the most out of every straight section of track. .

SlaveMunkys FM4 calculator, thanks for the advice will try it out!!!!

tried fwd and rwd, will try rwd probably now!!! ty

seems to let me change to more than one gear, but am practicing manual gears without clutch now!!! ty