Fast Travel and Underground locations.

I'm having a hard time finding the entrances to the underground and fast travel locations. I've only found three, is there markers near them or do they glow while in Eagle Vision? 


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They do glow, but the best way is to start at one and follow the tunnels to find all the others. They are all linked together. There are maps if you want to use one.

Easy when you do it from the tunnels. Just exit and re-enter at each point.

Boston Underground

1.)Green Dragon Tavern

2.)North Port

3.)Old North Church

4.)Crown Coffee House

5.)Beacon Hill

6.)King Chapel

7.) Fort Hill

8.)South Commons

9.)East Fields

10.)Boston Gates

New York Underground

1.) South Market (start)

2.)Central Downtown* (doesn't count towards full exploration and is unlocked during the final memory of seq. 11)

3.)Old Dutch Church

4.)Bowling Green


6.)North Dutch Church

7.)City Hall

8.)St. Paul's Chapel

9.)Trinity Church

10.)East Countryside

11.)Presbyterian Church

12.)West Countryside

Lazy @@@ people just follow the signs and mark the tunnels youve done with lanterns

we will remember that next time you need help, lol

@ Emerge was it that bad ?

Yes it sucked and took me forever lol

Then I sugest the following......

1.)Youtube the legend of zelda dungeon theme (extended 30 min loop) it's ok to turn it off if you get annoyed lol

2.) Enjoy

I thought you meant me naming everyone of those dumb places, but I feel your pain, it can be quite confusing & frustrating sort of like nine men's morris (I hate that f-ing game)