I have been farming for quite some time now . Starting with the bee. After many runs(100) or so finally got a bee. Next tried for the hellfire and no such luck. Next up was doc mercy. Less luck. Do you have to be online to get these? The warrior after 2 story playthroughs only gave me jacks head. I have found  a total of 3 orange so far. The bee, the impaler and unkempt Harold. Is this normal? I've tried for sure but am burnt on spending hours upon hours of farming for no result. Can anyone help with an infinity? Or a cc. 


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Yes it is normal, drop rates suck for the most part (especially the ones your farming). There is a way to get better Warrior drops but you've already completed the story so wouldn't help you now. What level Infinity are you needing?

[quote user="reddragon91469"]Do you have to be online to get these?[/quote]Basically, yes.

Lvl 50 would be awesome

The first and second DLC's offer some much better farming options.  If you don't have those, there are a few other ways of getting better loot with reasonable effort.  The problem you run into farming after completing True Vault Hunter Mode is that there are certain bosses that don't drop their specific legendary once they hit level 50.  Doc Mercy is glitched, and has an almost 0 chance of dropping the Infinity, Flynt has the same almost 0 chance of dropping the Thunderball Fists, and McNally will probably never give up the Hammerbuster.  If you don't have the DLC, the easiest way to upgrade equipment without repeatedly killing bosses is to run to the end of Hero's Pass, there is a chest right before the entrance to the Vault of the Warrior.  If you save and quit after opening that chest, when you hit continue it will start you right in front of that chest.  Just open, save and quit, and repeat.  

I have captain Scarlett, Mr tourqes. Neither have given up an orange yet. Frustration for sure. I guess that's why I turned to here In hopes of someone duping a couple cool guns. Like the infinity or cc. Thanks for the tip though.

I have found multiple Infinity pistols by using the Treasure Room glitch in Scarlets.  There are plenty of videos on youtube that will show you how to do it.  Also, Pyrocaustic Pete the Invincible in the Torgue DLC can drop plenty of orange loot.  There are videos on him too, showing ways to beat him with minimal risk.  I would suggest farming the Treasure Room to get some equipment.  Pretty much everything I use now that wasn't gifted to me by some of the people on my friends list I got out of there.

Just started playing online more. Most of my friends have ps3. Been farming the treasure room all its offered up in 30 runs or so is the impaler shield.

I'll hook you up with some Infinity Pistols. Should be on in 2 hours, at work now. Just curious, what class are you using mainly?

Lvl 51 commando.