Farcry 3 (Farcry Instincts Predator With Farcry 2 Controls :D!!!!)

I really enjoy how their taking the enviornment back to its paradise roots. And i REALLY appreciate how it looks alot and handles like Farcry 2 with the control scemes and such. One thing im not to keen for is seeing +10xp everytime you kill someone?? Its not a bad thing but it just reminds me of a call of duty game. Meh, no biggie. Honestly, the best part of this franchise is the map editor.. so with that being said..


WHO WILL MAKE HOLLOW TOWN 3 AND SUNSET BAR 3?? xD (farcry predator heads know the buisness haha)


Since this is a farcry 2 forum, i will say that farcry 2 is one badd-a** game. I will always love farcry predator but the game is just too old and laggy lol. I used to be a Farcry predator > Farcry 2 person but now its all about Farcry 2 and its future baby, Farcry 3. So if you don't like farcry 2 because it's not like farcry predator (QQ) then you aint going to like Farcry 3.sorry, but its reality...but like, its a good reality lol

There are some REAAAAALLLYYY good player made maps that awesome hosts are still hosting (player or ranked) in Farcry 2 so tell a friend and come get some in Farcry 2!!!!!!!! :D KTHX BYEE ^_^


i made this yesterday and i wanna share it with you farcry players.


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Poor vehicle durability and the inability to individually place weapons ruined FC2 for me. If FC3 resolves those issues, I'll probably enjoy it.


Oh and they could do away with the injury animations (where you would get shot and somehow end up pulling a nail out of your knee) since they were nothing more than pure novelty and annoying to do during combat.

Honestly, I like the injury animations, and poor car reliability as well... Africa has a lot of second hand crap lying around.

However, weapon placement most defiantly irked me...

There was a millions things wrong with that game. That is why the 3rd one is going to be a rental first. By the time I tried to trade my copy of farcry 2 in, the guy behind the counter laughted at me.  

More like Call of Duty with the title "Far Cry 3" printed on the cover art.

More like Call of juarez the cartel with precise mechanics and amazing level designs.

anybody still play instincts predator multiplayer?