Far too easy with the Soldier class

So I'm going through the game again on Insanity to try and discover the love of cryo ammo that other have.


However I'm amazed at how easy it is with the Soldier, I'd forgotten just how dominant the class was in the game. There is never a point where you are facing an enemy you don't have a talent to deal with.


In the first game the dominant class was the Adept, with the shift to shooter it has become the Soldier. So you think they can balance the third game so no one class is the best.


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I think we should prepare ourselves for more of the same when ME3 drops. Not wanting to keep banging the same drum, but with the amount of focus that is going into the shooting mechanics, and with the stats that showed just how many more people use the Soldier than any other class, I expect the Soldier to be even more dominent than it is in ME2 (and probably just as dull).


That being sad, I'm currently running through as an Engineer and I'm breezing through with just as much ease because you have the same tech abilities as the Soldier has ammo types. Take sniper rifle training and use the Viper, and it's almost like God mode.

I was shocked when I saw the stats for the soldier class tbh.  I played it once on ME1 but have never done so on ME2.  I have always preferred Adept.


The question for me vote, would be are you enjoying it (class)?  What class do you usually play? Have you played Soldier before?  I do agree with you on it being dull myself Schuey, the other classes are far more exciting to play, for me anyway.


I do hope that the other classes are given the same attention as Soldier in ME3.  

I am almost always an Adept in the first game but in the second I feel it was somewhat nerfed. With Singularity being the only power that I'd consider useful, though not as good as it was in the first game.


To be honest I think I am enjoying playing as the Soldier. Simply because I can go through combat sections very quickly, which is a big plus because as I've said before I don't like most of the changes to the combat in 2. Such as the cover system where I died today because while running for cover Shepard thought it would be a good idea to instead cling limpet like to an exposed wall.


I am playing on the PC though, so my headshots are a little more accurate than I can manage on the 360.

Interesting.  I really enjoy the singularity/warp combo. Tbh though, It would be nice to see a few more interesting and varied powers for the Adept.


The other class I havent tried in ME2, is the engineer. It wasn't too bad in ME1, because it gave me the opportunity to choose different squad members, in that I didnt need Tali with me all the time.  Just not for me in ME2 though.


I agree the cover system is awkward at times, but I personally find it easier than the one in ME1.  I could never get in cover first time, with just one click of the thumbstick in that one. 


I have ME2 on PC, but have yet to complete it. I suspect though, I will enjoy it more on PC, if like I have said before, my experience going to PC with Origins is anything to go by.  That game is just on another level on PC. 


What will your first class on ME3 be then guys?  Mine will almost definately be with my female Adept.

The only time I can ever truly say I enjoyed playing the Soldier class in ME2 was after the release of the Firepower pack, think in large part to the Mattock (but GPS was cool as well).

However, after a couple playthroughs the enjoyment passed as I just get bored of only being able to shoot guns in Adrenaline Rush with the occasion Concussive Shot mixed in and what ever bonus talent I choose.


For me ME combat is all about the biotic & tech abilities available to you, so playing as a class without any of these abilities just seems pointless.


As for ME3, my first playthrough will be with a Vanguard, just the same as it was for ME1 & ME2. After that I'll give every class a try, but Soldier will definitely be last on my list.


p.s. Spuudle you really should give the Engineer a go because once you unlock all of your abilities you can be pretty devastating.

@Spuudle: It's not that I don't enjoy the Adept. In fact it is the class I've most often played as in ME2 because I like to keep a continuity for the character.


Rather I just think the class simply isn't that effective. You end up having to sit behind cover chipping away at protections until your powers can actually do something. As I said Singularity about the only really effective one as it can hold even a person with protection for a (very) short time, something that can be a god-send when Harbinger is bearing down on you.


I just feel that I am constantly sitting back with the Adept.


The actual difference between Mass Effect 2 on the PC and 360 is very slight compared to the difference between DA: Origins. The combat plays near identically, unlike Origins where the ability to pull the camera out really was a game changer.


It'll be an Adept for me as well, as that is what the vast majority of my Shepard's are.


@Schuey: I'm enjoying the Solder because it feels as if I am constantly pushing forward, always taking an active role. The other classes, with perhaps the exception of the Vanguard, just feels too passive. I only tend to use Adrenaline rush when I am using the sniper rifle, as it give me time to better line up my shot, as oddly the camera shifts slightly to one side when you aim.


Combat in Mass Effect is definitely all about the powers but biotics especially simply do not feel as if they contribute as much to a fight this time around thanks to the inability to really affect any enemy with shields/barrier/armour. Quite often by the time the shields are down and before my thrown power connects, Garrus has shot the person in the head. I want to be a biotic god, not the person who holds a bad-guy while someone else kills him.

I find that Heavy Warp destroys barriers and armour very well?  I do have to use Garrus and/or Miranda, or the Arc Projector for shields though, so hear ya there.

[quote user="Spuudle"]

The question for me vote, would be are you enjoying it (class)?  What class do you usually play? Have you played Soldier before?  



I was shocked by those stats as well! I still have not played as a soldier class... I don't know the whole idea of biotic and tech powers is a huge appeal to me, I like to use the hyrbid classes with favorite being Infiltrator because I enjoy sniping geth from mountain tops in ME1.

I'd have to say that the Sentinal is easily the most powerful hybrid class in ME2. An Assault sentinal, with Neural Shock and shotgun traing can just tank their way through Insanity without even stubbing ttheir toe.

That's good to know... haven't tried any insanity runs yet, did hardcore on both ME1 and ME2 however in ME2 the fight defending the tower, I had to switch to veteran for the 2nd wave.. just couldn't get past it on hardcore (of course I had started with a brand new shep which was probably the main problem).. she was a sentinal (neural shock was a life saver a few times)

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