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My son bought Far Cry 3 to play, he has done all missions on the island, it shows other islands and other red flags to capture, but when he gets in a boat to go over there, it comes up with " your going out of bounds" What does he have to complete or do to be able to go to the other islands ?? Thanks

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 The forum is for technical support issues.  You will likely have better luck posting this in the Far Cry 3 game forum.  Thank you,

You have to get far enough in the main story to reach the other main island.

complete missions until the new area unlocks...

Could you be more specific?

Follow the main story.

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I have moved your thread over to the correct forum section as you will likely get the attention you need over in here. As stated above, you would need to go further into the game campaign in order to unlock the current out of bound areas. You could always look for walkthroughs if you get stuck :)


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