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First and foremost this is not a site for serious gamers, Mainly it is for those folk who enjoy an occasional game with friends in slighty chaotic possibly addled manner in the 10 minutes between the kids going to bed and the other half getting the Tv remote. 

This site has been created with the idea of bringing people together as much for social chat as for gaming and especially to bring together that group of people who only get to game infrequently...Gaming Dads(and Mums). Where most game clans/communities concentrate on the new releases and generally ignore the older(cheaper) less popular titles we decided to have a place for parent gamers (21+) who want to play some of the older game titles as well as some new ones with a bit of a lean towards the Sci-Fi genre (I can always hope ). There's no interest in any individuals rank or skill ,rather their ability to have a laugh while gaming and willingness to join in with their MC friends on occasion is what matters.
Feel free to register an account and introduce yourself. 

Man Cave does not and will not take part in any Gaming Leagues or Clan Battles

Man Cave

Futuristic gaming with a retro twist........a place where the sci fi gamer fan can battle evil aliens , save the universe and still be home in time for supper.

Man Cave

News, reviews and social chit chat all at your fingertips for those who can't actually be bothered doing that thing called work but still have to sit there all day.

Man Cave

For the over 21 gaming connoisseur who dispite repeated hammerings by the kid next door refuses to give up and die gracefully.

Man Cave is a gaming site for over 21 parents, The gaming side of the site is geared towards the fun side of gaming with titles like Gears of War, Halo, Lost Planet, Call of Duty on the Xbox and Killzone on PS3 to name a few, On the retro side of gaming really if it has multi player then it's liable to get a lookin if enough peeps have it.

So what are you waiting for ?. Join today !.Man Cave, The last resting place of the reflex challenged and professional respawner.



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Title says it all, if it describes you check us out and maybe you'll see something you like,  :)

Do you have that slightly harried insane look of the tortured parent and the the reflexes of the living dead , Then sign up at ManCave and meet other zombie parents like yourself ... lol

Looking for parents / adult gamers who want to take it easy playing some Gow3, MW3 and the Halo CE anniversary edition to name a few titles  in a more relaxed just want to enjoy it manner.

Great group of parents who like to game if they have the time for it.

Check it out, what do you have to lose?

Trial nights coming soon.....Can you hold beverage in one hand while eating munchies, answering the wife and yelling at the kids all while at the same time being killed off in some humiliating way online...If the answer is yes then what are you waiting for? Come and join today @ http://www.mcvmancave.com

Title says it all, if it describes you check us out and maybe you'll see something you like,  :)

Hey I think I knew a few folks on that site.

Yup you defo do :)

Hi folks, If your a parent and gamer then check out the Cave @ www.mcvmancave.com