Fantasy Function: Overworld Reset Option

As many of us know, the next update will include a Nether reset, which will allow gamers unlimited access to glowstone and nether brick (since you can reset after you've mined them all).  It will also allow gamers whose world was generated before the second to last update to have access to Nether Fortresses and all that comes with them (nether brick, nether wart and blaze spawners). 


What I would truly love, however, is the option to do a partial overworld reset.  This could be accomplished by selecting parts of the map that you want "reset"  and parts of the map that you want "protected"--obviously the areas you've built on would be "protected".  This would no doubt be complicated, particularly with respect to how the "reset" lands would merge with the "protected" lands, but this could be accomplished.  I highly doubt it would ever happen, but that's why I call it a "fantasy function."


Something that I've mentioned before which would be easier to program is a third portal (after the nether and end portals) that would transport the gamer to another seed (or the same seed with an entire "reset").  This was, gamers could access new terrain features like jungle without having to start a whole new world.  At least for single player this would not create any additional load on the console, since it is loading only one world at a time.  Multiplayer would probably be the problem here, especially when the individuals are on the same console, since two worlds would be rendered simultaneously (this is done with the Nether, but that is much smaller than the overworld). 


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I feel like partial reset would have to many bugs with it.

If I find easy to access diamonds, I just keep reseting that chuck, and now I have stacks of diamonds.

A landscape before partial reset was a nice grassy valley, half of it was reset, now its part valley with a 8x8 section of it an ocean.


I remember seeing the 'third portal' idea a while back and I would still love to see it happen.

As for splitscreen's issues, you just put restrictions on it. Like maybe all players on the console will be teleported, or have the 'third teleporter' function turned off when playing splitscreen.

I would really like for this function to come, it could make our very limited maps, virtually endless.

A portal in the side of a ship on the edge of an ocean teleports you to another ship in another world.

I think you are right about the likely bugs with a partial reset.  As I noted, it is possible, but probably too much trouble to work out all the bugs to make it happen smoothly.