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lmao just kidding, while i do like the game and do experince lag alot i just bear with it. im by far from a pro. i play for fun and the matters of life limit my game play. but do wanna say this is the worst i have ever had lag with call of duty. and ive bought ever dlc since world at war but this is the first cod that i will not be buying the dlc im glad i waited on the season pass. oh yeah and all i play is hardcore so its even better i didnt with only 4 gamemodes to choose from


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To each their own. I've never had problems with lag reguardless if I'm host or not. Granted I see occasional lag every once and a while maybe for a couple of seconds before the game finds a new host. I'm not saying there isn't any lag for some people because I do see a lot of people complaining about it. I'm just not experienceing any. BTW, your 20 bucks isn't gonna make or break Treyarch or Activision.