Fanatec SIM-Motorsport!

Hello racing lovers! Fanatecs spec. wireless xbox-360 Porsche 911-T SW or There "Fanatec Porsche GT Wheels and the CSP "Club Sportpedals together in a Sim-seat are so greate & i just wana tell u on Microsoft-Xbox. You are going to lose many costumers to Sonys PS3,,,if you dont,,verry soon begin to make the Xbox-360 RacingGames , Compatible wth ALL 3 Pedals! /Microsoft must do ALL there SIM-Racer Games WITH the Clutch Compapility ,even to XboX-360,as a choice for us who wana come soo near reality as possible & use a 360 Consol!.  I HATE to se that Sony PS3 is working with the clutch & MicrosoftGames Xbox on PC! I own the best S-Wheel with FF Pedals in the world! Its a Fanatec!  The Best mark on Sim-Wheels,btw. Has even Porsche with ther in the work of SIM and realism! Microsoft! ,,Dont throw away this super conection with Fanatec and Porsche!   Trying 2 make "Bill,G understand ,,dont let Sonybe the winner in the (SIMRacing--War) with there PS3! I hope U hear me! ;) I hope that you start to set a mark on the 360 games "if" they have Clutch-compability,,do i have o beg on my knees? ;) "Feel fine"..from  /Ulrik      (*** Email address is removed for privacy ***)  


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3 identical posts, in three separate threads?  Is that really necessary?  You also might want to rethink your decision to post your email address in a public forum...unless you really love spam.