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I was playing GT5 the other day, and the settings I had stored in my wheel for my 360 games (F1 2010 and FM3) somehow got wiped out.  I fiddled around with the settings, then realized that I had made a thread at the old Xbox forums (how I miss them...) with the settings that I had used.  So, I figured I'd re-post here in case they could be of help to anyone.


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I recently took delivery of my new Fanatec GT2 Wheel, and after getting things set up and running some races with it for a couple of nights now in FM3, I thought I'd take the time and share the settings I find to be the most comfortable.

On the wheel itself:

SEN: 200
FF: 030
SHO: 050
DRI: 002
ABS: 085
LIN: 000
DEA: 000

Settings within FM3:

Basically, everything that was a low value, I pushed all the way to the left (minimum), and everything that was a high value, I maxed out all the way to the right.

This combination of settings seems to give good, responsive steering input without being overly touchy.  I've turned down the force feedback settings quite a bit, since the default settings created a VERY heavy wheel that I was constantly wrestling with...every little imperfection was very pronounced, and it was just tiring to deal with.  The ABS setting is purely according to taste, and it varies by how you have a particular car set up, but right around 80 or 85 is nice because it'll give you a vibration in the wheel once you depress the brakes a certain percentage, so you know your wheels are probably going to lock up soon...and if you've got the clubsport pedals instead of the el cheapo ones like me, you'll even get a vibration in the pedals themselves.

If any of you guys play F1 2010, I've made a thread in that forum also with my settings that I like to use in that game.

If anyone winds up using these settings, or if you have other suggestions, post here and let me know.


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Link to the F1 2010 forum thread is busted, it should be this.

More for my own recordkeeping than anything else, these are my settings that I use in GT5:


SEN: 240


SHO: 010

DRI: 001

ABS: 070

LIN: 000

DEA: 020

SPR: 0

DPR: 0


It seems odd to have such low settings for force feedback, and in the game itself I scaled the control down to 1 out of 10.  For some reason the default amount is just way too strong for me to be able to control consistently or even to have fun with.  These settings seem to work pretty well for me, if they help someone else, great...if not, well then...what are you reading this thread for? :P