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I just got the Fanatec CSR racing wheel and it is AWESOME!!!!  FAR superior to the Microsoft wheel, much more sturdy and excellent feel. Cant wait to get the clubsport pedals for it. I'm currently usin the Microsoft pedals with adapter but I think the new ones will be better. If you are a big racing fan and can scrape up the money (Wheel is $250, pedals $150, shifter kit $50) it is WELL worth it!!


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A word of advice regarding the Clubsport might want to consider buying a couple of extra replacement load cells when you place your order.  As much as I enjoy using their products, Fanatec doesn't seem to be able to make a set of pedals where the brake doesn't malfunction after a few months or so of normal daily use.


I originally had a set of the standard pedals, and after a few months I started noticing that the brake was registering input even when my foot was not touching it.  Fanatec offered me a discount of $50 off (the cost of the standard pedals) to be applied to an upgrade to the Clubsports.


Originally they worked fine, but sure enough just the other day (I've only had them for roughly 4 or 5 months) they started showing the exact same behavior.  This link explains the problem in more detail.  It's apparently a known flaw and is fairly widespread.  It really seems like Fanatec should offer free load cell replacements for people, instead of making the consumer purchase extra products just to keep their $200 set of pedals working.  Especially when other, cheaper pedals last for far longer with no problems whatsoever (my friend had a Momo wheel/pedal set for his PS3, which was at least 3 or 4 years old, and he never had any problems with it whatsoever).

Its doesnt take much to downplay someones else good work. I have a Fanatec wheel too and they are great. I did have some problem with it, but no product is PERFECT. You may come across a product that doesnt live up to YOUR expectations, and you have the right to your opinion, but DAMN DUDE. The load cell cost $10 and dont tell me you cant afford $10 when you kicked out almost $500 for a Fanatec product.

And before this wheel I went thru 3 Madcatz so whats your point.

What's my point?  Did you not read my post, or were you just so incredibly offended that I said something critical of a product that you spent money on, that you couldn't comprehend what you read?


I said nothing about the wheel itself...I personally own a GT2, and it's problems with it whatsoever.  The pedals, on the other hand, are a different story, and the reason I mention it is so that if someone like the OP is reading this and they already own a set of G27 pedals, or even the MS ones (both of which will work with this wheel), they might want to think twice about dropping an additional $200 on a product which has known issues.  For some people they may work fine, but there are also a lot of people for whom they malfunction on a regular basis.


The argument of being able to afford a $10 replacement load cell completely misses the point, which is:  when you pay $200 for a "top of the line" product such as the Clubsport Pedals, they should just work, and not require the user to disassemble, clean, lubricate, and replace parts on them every few months.


Besides, I'm not entirely convinced that a faulty load cell is the root of the problem.  I had the exact same problem with the set of standard Fanatec pedals which I originally owned before upgrading to the CSPs.  The standard pedals are totally different hardware-wise, and don't use a load cell at all.  Which leads me to believe the problem has something to do with either the electronics/wiring, or the firmware being used by the wheels, or both.


Bottom line, the CSPs are great when they work, but don't be surprised when they don't.

I had a problem with my csr standard wheel 888 error code, but it would appear the problem is to do with the clamp and the location of some electronics because upon taking the wheel apart and moving some stuff the wheel sprung into life. calibration is back, force feedback too. the thing is like brand new again after nearly a year unused.

Just for an FYI, not to detract from other post here, but I have had the clubsport pedals for nearly two years now and I have had no trouble whatsoever. They have gotten considerable use I might add.