Fanatec CSR shifters vs. Fanatec "original" shifters?

I'm curious to get some feedback from people who have used both.  I've currently got the original (pre-CSR) shifters, and can't really use the H-pattern one due to the extra-heavy spring resistance to get into 1st/2nd and 5th/6th gears...the force required makes my stand (RennSport) wobble too much, and it's nearly impossible to shift precisely during play.


I'm curious if the new CSR one is any better?  I'm hoping that it's a more uniform resistance for each gear, but I don't really want to plop down $60 if there's not much of an improvement over what I've already got.


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I have used the older Fanatec shifter at a buddies for a few hours and have had the CSR shifter for about 7 months and only found the click to be quieter on the CSR, as for the resistance in 1st/2nd, my CSR has gotten easier the more i have used it but 5th/6th gear is still stiff, not sure if this is due to obviously using 1st and 2nd more often.  I do race with a custom built rig made from roll cage 1 5/8 round stock so my set-up is rock solid so keep that in mind as perhaps my shifter would cause movement if I used a less sturdy rig.

Thanks, that's exactly what I wanted to know.  Too bad, I was hoping they would've done something about that.  Looks like I'll stick with what I've got.

I had the Gt2 with the H-pattern shifter and I agree it appears to be very difficult to perform fast shifter with this model. Now I have the CSR package and to me if feels alot easier to shift into any gear including Reverse

I have my CSR shifter Independandently Mounted to my computer Desk Via a Rensport Shifter adapter. Very Sturdy mounting.  It seems no more difficult to shift than an actual car does.  I have had more manuals than automatics though.

I wouldn't mind a Softer set of springs though But I have no real problem with them.

Dude you must be shifting pretty darn hard to have the stand wobbling like that... lol... I had the GT2 shifter and now I have the CSR shifter. To me, the CSR shifter is little more precise. Both shifters are loud when shifting from one gear to another