FAN AXXESS or Online AXXESS for WWE 12?

Hi, I have a question.

For SVR11, FAN AXXESS and Onine AXXESS is needed to play more.

Then, for WWE 12, is there anything like these AXXESSes?
On the official Web or game review Webs, there is no information.
Probably, something like season pass will be on DLC, I think.

mmm,,, from Japan, it will be difficult to get such the pass :(


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yeah they havnt really said anything about it this year,  itll probly depend on how many people purchased that last year as to if theyre gonna do it again this year, because they dont want to waste their time making content for there not to be alot of people purchasing it...

It was announced that there will be the axxess again to get all the DLC for one cheaper price than buying it individually , however nothing was said about it unlocking everything like last years did ..

Just read that this will do the unlock everything in the game again to just like last year

Thank you for the information, Daddy!

I have just checked the announce, and ordered WWE12.

Hum, this year, we will have a lot of games, games, games, every week.

And, my wallet will be empty at the end of this year.

NP sorry I posted like three times instead of gettin it all at one but oh well.....   yup so many games so little time...  right at Christmas to  arrrhhhhhhh.. they know when to release the stuff lol

Awesome, can't wait HBK old school day one :) when is Macho going to be in the game?

first will be the Wrestlemania pack on day one which is   Jerry the King Lawler, Michael Cole, Jim Ross,  Edge and Christian in retro E&C outfits,  Shawn Michaels in his 1997 Survivor Series outfit, and the Road Warriors black and silver alternate shoulder pads, aka the NWA days...  

the you have the divas pack which will be available sometime in Dec, is Kharma, Brie & Nikki Bella, Trish Stratus, Alicia Fox, and Vickie Guerrero...

then you have the Legends pack which will be early 2012, there saying January   and they are....Batista, Mick Foley, Randy Macho Man Savage, and Brodus Clay is suppose to be in one of these packs, and its lookin like its gonna be this one... but thats it

Awesome, played the demo @ best buy wow finally a great wwe game

gamestop has it listed to purchase already

Man I can't wait

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