famous pinata....does RARE still deliver?

On the off chance that anyone is still lurking in this forum, does anyone know if RARE still delivers famous pinata to people who obtain all of the awards in VP:TIP?

I saw a post on pinataisland from March that indicated that there would not likely be any further famous pinata sent out, but I don't know if that information still applies...


(On a related note, I really dislike achievements that rely on external factors like servers being maintained, etc.)  :(




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There were technical problems which had prevented BIGsheep from sending out famous pinatas to people who earned all the awards.

I believe those problems were fixed (last month?) and people have been receiving their rewards, from what I've been reading at pinataisland.info.

BIGsheep generally sends out crates on Fridays.  If you haven't received anything by next weekend, drop him a message.

The good thing about this particular achievement is that other helpful gamers have been helping people unlock it.  You can either visit another gamer's garden in multiplayer while they unpack a famous pinata, or stop by pinataisland.info to borrow Daremo's famous Sarsgorilla pinata, Stanley.

I hope im not too late to the party lol  I could use this achievement

I think this achievement can no longer be obtained.

On a side note, does anyone still have the original games and some chocolate coins they can send me?

i need help help on both

famous pinatas still roam in my gardens and aswell as many others. if you send me a message and tell me famous pinata ill try to get to as many people as i can

I just tweeted BIGSheep, the Rare Developer. He says as of now, Rare is no longer delivering Famous Pinatas. We have to get them from established gardners still willing to help. I currently have 980/1000 so if someone can help and send me a message, It would be greatly appreciated.

Same here.

I want a famous Pinata, I want the achivement.

if your reading this and need the achievement for famous pinata. msg me on xbox and ill help