Family Timer Daily / Weekly Reset - Midnight? Sunday? Monday?

We set up a family timer for the xbox console but I was wondering when the Daily timer actually resets?

- Every night at midnight?

- 24 hours after the timer was set up?

The same question goes for the weekly timer.  when in the week does it reset?



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I think it would be 24 hours from the time you set it up for the day to day stuff. Also I think it is a week from the time you set it up the first time.

Not 100% sure but its all I can find.

I think the time intervals  should also have an option to pick a manual time not just what Microsoft thinks is good.

I set up a daily timer for 3 hrs/day.  This morning, my son still had his alotted (unused) 3 hrs, but when he went to sign on in the afternoon, he was notified his time had expired.  

This has happened 2 days in a row and I keep having to suspend the timer which seems to defeat the purpose of setting it up in the first place.  

If the timer resets at midnight (which is what the console tells me), why would his time run out before he even played at all in a given day??  Please help!  I'm getting frustrated with the whole thing...

@gl3cats I'd just remove it and trust your kid to be responsible with it.