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can I switch from the family pack to a 3 month gold membership?


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If your plan is to convert to just a single account, you should call Xbox Phone Support.

You are going to have to wait till your family gold plan is up, and then just make sure you have it set to NOT auto-renewal.  Then just buy your 3 month plan or enter in the code.  Once you are in the family plan, you can't switch out of it until the family plan expires.

Well, actually as long as you are not the administrator of the family plan you can be removed from the family.  That account will then go silver and you can put another 3 month code on it.  If you are hoping to get off the family plan and not buy the 3 month code but just have some of the months go "with you" then no, that won't happen.  Also, if your account was started in the family account with a child birthdate, you will still need an adult to vouch for you.  The now empty spot on the family plan can then be filled by adding a different profile or creating a new one.  

Hope this helps. : )

You can leave the family at anytime, and if your acct has a DOB of 18+ you will be an adult acct.

If you are a child acct, you will have to have an adult (parental acct) attached to you UNTIL the DOB reaches 18+ AND the parent promotes you to an adult acct.

This is another one that is over a month and a half old.