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How are you billed for the family pack all $100.00 up front or do you make monthly installments on this


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All up front.  So worth it though.  Do be aware that three of the accounts are secondary accounts and do not have all the rights and priviledges of the primary account!  

What are they missing? Microsoft sheds very little light on the subject in the info page. I am assuming the other three tags are just child accounts.

they are not lnked to the credit card and can not make purchases or downloads.  They mey experience some restrictions on what they can download (mature content) etc.   For me it works fine.  I just have to punch in the password when they want to do something that they can not do.  If they get a points card, they can add it to their account, or you can put it on the primary and gift it to them in 400 pt incriments.

I have a family pack. The only thing I can not do, is making a purchase of MS points or games on demand for a $ amount.

I can play mature games, indie games, download demos, play online etc, with no issues.

When a new TOU comes out I do need to put in the Primary wlid and password, but that is not an issue for me or those on the family pack.

The other accounts are not really child accounts from what I have noticed.. Just really secondaries. They can still play mature games which child accounts can not.

Just make sure that all parties know their wlid and passwords before jumping into a family pack or it could cause some issues. I know a few friends who didn't make sure on this one.. And were well.. They have to spend extra time getting those reset. But, then again it is good to know that info anyway, and it is up to us (the gamers) to know our account info, and wlid's and passwords.. etc.

I love my family pack! I highly recommend them to my friends and family.

Oh, also!

The family pack is, like most gold subscriptions, something that will charge you each year. So do keep an eye on when your gold runs out so you don't go over on your bank account or anything like that.

You can view your time left under My Account. :-)

I have a reloadable visa- I just go drop 100 on it right before it is supposed to renew.  Works great.

Nice! I have noticed those kind of cards do not work for me. Although my roommate uses the green dot cards with no issues. It's weird that some reloadable cards work and some dont.