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To whom it may concern:

I have been a XBOX live member and was waiting to upgrade to the family pack and to my surprise it has been discontinued,


in our household we have two Adults and Two children active on the Xbox and it was going to be very beneficial to help us set up Parental controls and not to have to wade through the kids friends every time we log into Live. If there is anyway for this to be reinstated I would like the opportunity for an account of that type. 

I like the hierarchy account type because without wading through their friends we can also keep an eye on purchases and history without having to log into multiple accounts. 

Please if anyone can Help let me know.


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They really screwed the pooch with this one. You sound like you lucked out, alot of people were locked out of their accounts when the family packs were discontinued. They stopped doing it to save money in two places:

1- Now you have to pay full price for all 4 of your subscriptions.

2- Family Packs were a huge support call driver, so they are now saving money because they don't have to pay someone to sit at a phone answering questions about family packs.

They have never released any information as to why it's gone.