Family Jewels achievement help! (Spoilers)

This is the last Catwoman mission. So after you fight Two Face, you need to collect 16 gems from Two Face's thugs. I found 11/16 of them but I cant find the last 5. The first 11 were all outside of the museum and I could see all of them in Thief Vision so I could take them out one by one but now I don't spot a single one. Any help?


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they're all outside. just do a lap around the city and they'll spawn.

Over by the Cort House, are a bunch of Two Face goons........

Yeah, I thought the same, and then decided to do some traveling to find more trophies.  Came across more Two-face goons at the courthouse.  so between Museum, Subway entrance and Museum (none are inside any of them).

Ahh thanks guys. Yeah the last five were at the courthouse in case anyone else had the same problem.