Family Game Night Retail Disc. DL to Hardrive question...

I've had super trouble trying to find this game at a reasonable price. Everywhere I've found it online has been more than $60 new. Finally, I've found it for $20 used. The disc is in questionable condition, but so far it plays without any issues. The problem is that it doesn't mean the disc hasn't been effected. When I put the game disc in my console, a picture doesn't load up along with the title. Just the option to play the game. I want to download it to my HDD, but it won't let me select "Y" for "More Info" to do that. And I have no idea if it is the nature of the game itself, or if it is indeed damaged. Can anyone verify this for me? Anyone with a new or undamaged version of this retail game can confirm that it is just the game that for some reason doesn't allow users to do this or is my retail disc damaged??


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