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I am looking at the reports for my son's gaming activity and the times do not match up at all - it shows him playing games at 3am, which I know is incorrect.  I checked the console's clock and time zone and this is correct.  Is there somewhere else that I should be looking to fix this time alignment problem?


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the times are never right.! and the amount of time it shows you've played can be way off too, its showed a few times that my oldest has played for 2 days and some hrs in a 24 hr period.

If you checked your time zones and everything.  I'm almost postive the gaming activity is correct, but you can contact your local Xbox Support to make sure that there is no issue with it.  The U.S. Support number 1-800-4MY-XBOX, if you need the support number for a different country let me know and I will be happy to look that up for you.

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As far as I know, MS is working diligently on these issues. The rollout of the new dashboard and new features is affecting some services. Refer to the Support Forums.

As for timezones, my posts have shown incorrect times since the new forums came out.




it's 12:57 here

[quote]As for timezones, my posts shown incorrect times since the new forums came out[/quote]

Please understand that they were refering to the Xbox Live time showing, if you are having an issue with your timezone double check you have the correct timezone selected in your settings on the forums.  If it still shows the wrong time it will be something that will be fixed.  You can access the forum settings on the main page.  I hope this helps you Metal10957

Justin C.
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My timezone is set correctly. I was just stating that it is an issue with the forums, not necessarily involved with the latest dashboard release. I believe the parental control is a known issue as well. Thanks Justin.

To be clear, I am referring to the times/dates that are shown in the "View Reports' in the Family Center when I am checking my son's gaming activity.  The times are always off and do not resemble my local timezone.  The time/timezone on my xbox is set correctly.  I don't see any way to set the timezone for the family center reports or anything like that.

I have the same issues that you do Lyzyrd. It shows both of my sons playing at times when I know they aren't and it has shown that they played for 25 hrs in one day. I would love to know how they can squeeze an extra hour into 24hr day.