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I just wanted my kids to play with their family in another city. I have them under me on my Gold account. They were playing online for the last month now that has stopped. They went to join a "party" and it needed a gold membership to play. I clicked on the view memberships and look what I see a Family account ad on the right hand side. WTF. I called and they will not honor this HUGE mistake . I am so pissed about this and want them to own up to the Blunder. Why not offer it till the One comes out or announce something to replace it. Come on MS get with the program you need to honor this mistake. 


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Maybe your xbox live account was expired. Then it was and ad that xbox live does over the console just renew your account.

The Family membership program ends today. All members in the Family (up to 4) will get their own Gold account today plus an additional 3 months added to the account for free.

I have received 2 emails regarding family pack conversions to non-price advantaged plain jane individual memberships with limited functionality.  MajorNelson's page when searching for Family Packs sends users to the page for individual memberships.  I am extremely disappointed in the decision to Axe the Pack, drive up prices on loyal customers, reduce functionality all while returning forum posts with canned answers about looking in the FAQ.

XBox's decision to move unilaterally without the blessing of its customer base, shows me how much my loyalty is valued.  It will very likely impact the extent to which I continue to invest with Microsoft gaming.   You guys are great at what you do, better than any on the market, and while a price increase may be needed to cover costs (if your profit is barely enough to get by) it should be handled in a more customer friendly way.  It is no secret that providing 3 months of service (25% more) for double the price is not a good deal for anyone who has an XBox family.  If you think a 200% price is good for 25% service, please let me know as I have a few other things I would like to sell you.

i have had the family membership and it renewed on 27/8/13 it was a great idea and now MS have got rid of it they have destroyed any hope of keeping families as gamers by closing down this type of membership as it is i had two accounts on my membership and as such we both get 15 months renewal but when my account comes up for renewal next time it will be GOOD BYE XBOX LIVE for it will cost up to $30-40 MORE TOO KEEP BOTH ACCOUNTS OPEN why should families now be priced out of gaming come on MS who is the dumb wit who decided this would be good as for XBOX1 no thanks its something that will as a result of this issue i will be not purchasing for MS you are forgetting the main people who made you THE GAMERS we dont want tv we dont want music we dont want the apps we just want to play games your going to lose gamers and families by the route your taking

John:  By no way am I defending I believe they must be attempting self proctology at this point...I did want to point out, that under the new Xbox One scheme (as it is currently advertised) You and all your kids can huddle around your shiny new Xbox one.  One Xbox One, One Account, One Bill, (not to mention One requirement for a very big screen to split and hope the frame rates don't crash out.)

The current move puts a roadblock up for any of us who have multiple accounts in a family, and more so, any of us with multiple XBox360s say in different rooms or in a system-link configuration.  If you shell out money to upgrade all your 360s, to Ones and all your Ones are on the same LAN (wired or wireless) where they share the same external IP, then so long as the One has a gold account associated with it, other accounts (read your kids) could play on it without having to also have individual golds.

The kick in the groin is felt most by old hardware (did I just say old, since the ONE is not even out yet) owners who plan to try to keep playing.  My own conspiracy theory is this,

In the beginning there was Microsoft, and they were something resembling good.  However Greed got the best of them with their memberships, and trying to get the lowest cost suppliers to make the 360s.  On the next day, God saw this and because Comcast doesn't currently include heaven in its service area, and because of the greed He knew existed in the hearts of Microsoft man, He reached out his finger and randomly began to red ring of death the first Xbox 360 in every household that didn't have adequate cooling.  A select few of the faithful saw their first Xbox360s spared in the Passover, but the grieving and wailing was so great that the King in the land of Microsoft knew something had to be done, so He repented and said, "Let us not use the cheapest components, and spend a bit more to get the next best motherboards And because of our sin and our greed, let us reduce the price of the Xbox360 and offer Family plans to our people."  And God and the people smiled and said "this is better", and so the kingdom began to grow, and become prosperous.  Until one day, when the stack of $100 bills reached so high as to near the gates of heaven, and the King at Microsoft said, "I see that the next best components don't have the red ring of death as much, and the Xboxes are lasting much longer, and sales are slowing.  Let us create a new Xbox."  And the council agreed and new Xboxes were sent into production, but one on the council said, "Sire, it seems that the old Xboxes are lasting much too long and were over-engineered to make up for our first sin."  And the King agreed, so they devised a plan to make the people think that their perfectly good Xbox360s were not so good.  They advertised and promised many great things on the One, and Sony took the spin off the promises and showed the people that used games are good, and DRM was bad, and the Xbox ONE was not as good as the claims.  And Microsoft began to remove promises from the Xbox One, and take back what they said, but the King saw that this wasn't enough, and so he said, let us afflict everyone who has spent money, and has kids, and has multiple boxes in their home, and increase the prices, and decrease  the functions so they will have to move off of the Xbox360 and onto the One.  And again the people began to wail, and gnash their teeth, and tear their clothes for they did not have enough money without refinancing their homes and refusing medical and dental care for their kids to buy higher priced memberships, and higher priced hardware.  And the wailing was so great that Sony offered discounts on their noise cancelling headphones, and calmed the nerves of the Microsoft kingdoms' people, and said, if your king has forsaken you, and taxes you to greatly, our country is open, our hardware is less expensive and our memberships for our loyal are free, and cheap for our new citizens.  

Like Neo, I believe we make our own destiny, and I think that there is still a chance for Microsoft to realize that we the people are not dumb sheep.  We know from past experience of believing what we hear, that if the king spits on us and tries to tell us it is raining, it may not be true.   I propose we drop the spin on how great the XBOX ONE is going to be, and prove it.  I also propose that we don't nerf the ability for people to continue to use the hardware they have already invested in.  If we look at this like stocks, and suddenly the value of the stock (Xbox) we have already purchased is decreased through poor policy, then how likely are we going to be in spending more money to buy more of the same stock, ruled by the same policy makers.  And here I thought I had already gotten off my soapbox...

Back to my original...I am not defending Microsoft, but if we are to believe that it is raining (er I mean the features of the Xbox ONE will be kept) then if you have a ONE you may not see much of a difference in pricing.   Otherwise, grab your noise cancelling Sony headphones and buckle up, Cuz, it's gonna be a rough ride for the next few months.

Microsoft is being short sighted with no longer having family accounts.

The whole point behind a family account is that you have multiple devices within your household.

When people buy the new XboxOne they are going to have 2 devices and yes that person can play either of them but not both of at the same time. It means that if a little brother wants to play online with the second device they have to have their own gold account.

Now I have 3 xbox360's in my household. I bought a family account so I could play with my son, 2 daughters and be online with friends at the same time. This saved me a little money, it was thoughtful. Now Microsoft isn't expecting an entire household to own nothing more then one single device, and they are not offering households any type of discounts for owning more then one.

So as a family we have discussed it and we will be selling 2 of our  3 xbox306s and using the money to buy a PS4 to also sit along side our two PS3s.