Famas sucks

ever sinse the update the famas has been a piece of sh*t i get at least 4 hitmarkers(takes 3 to kill) and the guy kills me! its rediculous all becuz little b*tches have to whine that its OP, hell next the uzi is gonna be OP, it takes me a whole second to aim down sights now its like how it was b4 when i had SoH pro. Treyarch need to unpach it or wutever. i didn't notice the hip fire accuracy due to the fact that i never ever hip fire, the recoil i have noticed now though, the aug is now way better in my opinion. sorry for my spelling errors and grammar errors


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no way bro, these guys think the same exact thing! small world?


nothing to see here folks

move on

I saw your gamer picture decided it wasn't worth my time.

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nothing to see here folks

move on


I refuse.

LOL.  This is so funny.  I guess people will need to find a new crutch weapon.  Hahaha!!!