Fallout NV is driving my crazy

Hey, I have had Fallout NV since release day, however lately when ever I play it crashes usually during a loading screen and is driving me mad. I have done usual things to try to resolve the problem, un-installing and reinstall it, cleared the system cache and re-updating the game but still crashes.

It only happens on this game, so I know for sure its not my Xbox thats crashing.

Is anyone having the same problem, any thoughts on how I can resolve this problem??? 


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Have you tried a different copy of the game?

I noticed during the last DLC it had some long loading times, and I thought it might have crashed but then it hadn't.

Yeah, I can't play the game for more than an hour without it locking up my 360, forcing me to reboot. Your best bet, would be to play a game that wasn't developed by Obsidian.

Fallout NV can be "finicky" at best, even with an Install and cleared Cache.

Some things you can also try to help avoid this would be;

  • Don't separate your Party among various Locations that each require a Load Time.
  • Don't separate your Items among various Locations that each require a Load Time.

Other than that, Fallout NV is just hit and miss. It's a great Game but does have "issues" regardless of what attempt is made to correct it.

@Eezak: Yeah I had the disk changed and it didn't fix the problem. Cheers for the tips LostKauz, I quick travel alot so that might also be causing the issue now I think of it.

I would also suggest disabling save on travel. I never had issues with Vegas but for 3 it was causing issues.

Here's my solution if you haven't yet.

-Remove Fallout New Vegas disc from Xbox 360 tray

-Place Fallout 3 disc in Xbox 360 tray



LOL Fallout 3 had worst problems when released and got fixed like the ones in FNV.

Fallout NV have received a lot of patches that fixed the majority of their "problems"  so if you still have "problems"maybe is your copy.  I never had problems with FNV... only minor bugs like in every game released no matter who developed the game or not.

Rent it through a local blockbuster/movie trading company, switch disks, take back to retailer and explain problem. Either get your money back or rent another game. Problem solved. And no OP, I never had this problem with the game. It might just be you and a select few others.