fallout new vegas : old world blues

I'm having problems with the sinks shop section, I can buy items, but when I try to sell, the items are removed but no caps are added to my balance!!!

Has any body else encountered this ?


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I haven't had this problem. Have you checked the sink's credit balance to see if it actually has any caps to give you?

Happened to me with my online profile, but worked on another profile. It's listed as a glitch in the wiki...

There are plenty of caps in the sinks balance, approx. 30000 +, which is a real nuisance, as if I want to sell anything I have to travel back!

Did you try reloading a previous save?

Without finishing OWB on that profile I went back to a previous save at the 38 and started over. The store seems to be working now...

Yup, just got to it, now the caps only go to 481 while the sinks' stay about 660000. It is super annoying and so far collecting caps don't work, but what I haven't tried is asking for the caps from one of the doctors. Wish the xbox gurus would refund us some max caps, level uncapping, or at least let us dl some juicy stuff... Can I get a HELL YEAH!