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Hey I took the comments you guys gave me and thought a bit about them and most of you said no to co-op but what if co-op was just an option not an all time thing, that way you can have your own game for single player and another game mode for co-op so that you can play both SP and MP. I would specifically like to thank phyrian for his comment on my other post...."The Fallout series are arguably one of (if not the) best single player games out there, and I would not want the addition of co-op or MP to change that.  I would love to see the ability to have some kind of co-op play, but would not want any achievements, story lines, or add-ons that required it.  It should be something purely optional". Thanks and reply.


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I like your idea, it's simple & direct.  If you don't like the co-op then have the option to play single, turn it off & on as necessary.  Co-op in general I can see if they ever do that Fallout MMO that's been talked about for quite sometime, since MMOs by their nature require co-op play.  

I have never once played Fallout and wished for MP not every game needs MP and if you were to make a list of SP games that have absolutely no need for MP Fallout would be at the top of the list. I would rather they keep it the way it is instead of making an MP option that would take up developer's time and resources and either cause a longer gap between releases or result in a less quality SP.


Also I don't see how co-op would even be possible in Fallout they'd have to completely remove the VATS system from the game or have time stop every time someone uses it. The game would also have to pause for both players any time the Pip-Boy is accessed since that pauses the game in SP, fast travel would have to be removed or both players would have to agree to use it each time, and what would they do with the dialogue options in the game? Both players would have to agree on what choices to make in dialogue and what quests to take and how to handle them.


There are a ton of games have great co-op and competitive MP but that doesn't mean all games need an MP element to them and Fallout is the perfect example of a game that does not need any form of MP.

If one player was the main character, and the other acted more or less as a follower it would resolve several of those issues.  Followers fast travel with the main character, only the main character can carry on conversations in which decisions need to be made, and only the main character can take quests.  It would mean that the second player is essentially assisting the the first one, but that would be adequate for me.  For the rest, VATS could either be disabled or not pause the game when used in co-op, and Pip-boy access could likewise not pause the game (like accessing the menu in pretty much every MP game that has one).


However, your point about taking up developer time is a good one.  There is such a thing as too many cooks when it comes to writing code, there is a limit to the number of developers you can reasonably assign to a given task before they just start getting in each other's way.  So the real question here would be whether or not they have a surplus of developers, some of whom could be tasked with creating a co-op system.  If they do not then I agree with you completely, and would rather that they focus on SP.  But if they do have developers that would not normally have been working on the next Fallout, and they were willing to reassign them to handle co-op implementation, then what is there to lose?


I do agree that not all games need MP, and also agree that Fallout doesn't need it.  However, that doesn't necessarily mean that Fallout can't have MP, or that it would be a worse game for having it.  Basically it comes down to this:  Can Fallout be delivered with a strong SP aspect as the core of the game, with high quality (I know you're all laughing at that bit) and without long release gaps, while also incorporating some form of optional MP.  If the answer is no (I'm afraid it probably is), then they absolutely shouldn't do it, but if the answer is yes then how much fun would it be to wander around with one of your friends, or take them somewhere to show them something cool instead of just talking about it, or giving a friend who's never played FO before and is struggling at the start a little extra help?


Long story short (too late), if they can implement co-op without affecting SP then they should.  If they can't, then Fallout should continue in its current role as one of the best SP series out there.  Whether they add it or not one thing is certain...the presence or absence of co-op will not influence whether or not most of us buy the next one (though if it is implemented badly then it may influence the one after that).