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You know, a lot of people have been talking about making the new fallout co-op and I think that its a really good idea and would love if they did it but on the other hand I thought about what they would have to take out and change. For example there would no longer be any V.A.T.S but for every change there is an advantage, like if they take out V.A.T.S they will probably add something like aim assist but in my opinion V.A.T.S is a cheat anyway because your freezing time and targeting specific parts of the body to kill the victim which kinda takes the point out of killing cause there would be no challenge in it. They would also have to minimize the map and graphics a bit but we can live without those. I just think there would be more to do with someone else there with you.


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There is already an aim assist built in.  It doesn't effect where your cross hairs are, but it does alter the flight path of projectiles based on your character's skill with a weapon type plus a couple of other factors.


I like VATS, simply because it allows combat to keep a quick pace but also allows you to target specific body parts and weapons.  And after all, it is supposed to be an RPG not a FPS.  I personally love shooting explosives in an enemy's hand and watching them get thrown sideways, often missing some limbs.  Having said that, I would certainly be willing to give VATS up in exchange for co-op play.  And they wouldn't have to remove it entirely, it could be set up so that it only works in single player (having help provides enough advantage to make up for its absence), or have it work but not pause the game.

If co op were to be added in the next installment, I agree VATS may have to be left out (for co op purposes).  Now this doesnt mean it should be left out for good in the SP, I just dont think it would flow very well in a 2 player environment.