Fallout 3 characters going missing?

I was playing Fallout 3, as I do, and I was going to go into The Pitt with Fawkes as my follower. It said he went back to the Museum of History. So I went there to get him back, but he wasn't  there. Has anybody come across this? I read about glitches and said that Dogmeat may disappear from the game altogether. Has anyone been able to get him back? I know my game has stuffed up Paladin Star Cross. I also want to know if I can somehow get her back. Cheers guys.


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Fawkes has had a tendency with me to remain in the exact same place he was when we parted ways. For example, once I dismissed him at The Citadel, and he was still waiting there for me about 3 days later instead of going to the Museum. Dunno if this is the same thing that happened to you, since you didn't dismiss him.

He finally came back, but I didn't dismiss him. I'll be careful with him from now on.

Followers for the most part will go back to their default locations. An exception to this is Dog meat. If You are beamed up to the Mothership to start Zeta, He will wait faithfully their at the site until something kills Him (usually a DC or giant rad scorpion. In the future, best to escort them back to the default locations and dismiss them.

Or don't use them to begin with.  I tried companions on my first character, but quickly stopped using them.  Several characters and hundreds of hours of game time later I still have not gone back to using them, they tend to be more trouble than they are worth.  At lower levels they have a tendency to steal exp in combat, and at higher levels you don't need their help.