FAL and other Semi's

So while DXP is on i've been using a couple of the weapons i was unsure about using to level them up.I've just been using the FAL and i have been doing well with it since i've used it abit,Awesome for taking snipers out at long range!Anyway i've just unlocked the Select Fire for it but i have'nt tried it yet.Now the FAL has a powerful damage output per shot and I was wondering,When you attach Select Fire and go full auto,How do they balance it out?Does it lose power or do they just add a ton of recoil or what?

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When I unlocked select fire for the SMR, I couldn't tell a difference in power. It still put people down with the same amount of rounds. I also love using the FAL in hardcore. One hit kills and the range is amazing.

I like the FAL, but I'm just not fast and accurate enough with it to use it effectively.  Pretty awesome gun for people who are, though.  lol

The semi ARs are still strong with the select fire, you just have to adjust your playstyle to an AR instead of an SMG. ALL the weapons are really good.

Loving the FAL and SMR now.

I know several guys that were like 5th prestige on day two after release with gold FALs and they love them and use them constantly. Ive used it a few times but I havent even unlocked the select fire attachment for the FAL yet and Im 6th prestige, LOL.

SMR is just obscene,I don't think i've gone neg with it more than once.lol

put the stock on the end of it watch that bad boy go, it helps alot with the faster aiming