Failed to Connect - POSSIBLE FIX - PLS READ

This is about the "Failed to Connect to EA Online" issue, and I am an Xbox 360 gamer.

For every solution or fix that has been proposed, I have had no success.

I currently use a Linksys E4200 router. Last night, I upgraded the firmware.
Since then, I've had absolutely no problems.
To test it, I have rebooted my XBOX, router, and cable modem many times.
I even had them all turned off for 20+ minutes.
Currently, I'm still testing it by turning off my XBOX and loading BF:BC2 back up.
It works perfectly.

Here are the release notes for that firmware upgrade:

Last Release Date: June 14, 2011
Last Firmware version: 1.0.02 (build 13)

- Added support of USB printer connected to the router's USB port, so that
a user may send a print job to the printer via the local area network.
** This feature requires Cisco connect software v1.4 or later **
- Added support of Native IPv6 and 6rd tunnel Internet connections
- Added support of bridge mode
- Prevented devices on the guest network to access any private IP
address (RFC 1918)
- Updated wireless driver to improve interoperability
- Fixed some storage relative issues
- Fixed some browser-based configuration utility bugs
- Fixed some minor bugs

I'm thinking that the issue has something to do with IPv6.
I don't want to talk out of my @@@, so if anyone else can test this with similar results - we may finally have an answer, and a solution.


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Added support of Native IPv6 and 6rd tunnel Internet connections  -this has nothing to do with your success connecting to the ea servers, this is a new internet protocol version that isn't really supported by the internet yet, it was probably just coincidence that you connected.

By the way that router sure is expensive £120.00 wow.

I know what IPv6 is.  How do you know, for certain, that it has NOTHING to do with it?  Do you have some facts to back that up or are you just assuming?  

It's been working without a hitch since I upgraded my firmware.  I wouldn't consider that a coincidence.

Disabled IPv6 I still connect just fine.

So, I'm not sure what fixed it.

All I know is that it was something about my router.

Currently, I'm going through the options for it and troubleshooting to see what may have fixed it.

Before a month or so ago, everything worked fine. I had the same exact setup. So, it isn't just my router.

It could have been one of those bug fixes it mentioned. Or your ISP may have been dropping the ball for a month.

Im having the same issue.  I cant get access to EA Servers.  I have a Netgear 3700 router and its had the ports correctly setup for xbox live.  All other Xbox live games work ok, its just these EA games that refuse to connect to servers.  I have to clearl system cache, unplug xbox and all cables, do network test and then just maybe it will let me in.  This has only started since EA started this online pass rubbish with the games.

Are your ports forwarded? DMZ open for your 360? UPnP enabled? Power cycled your modem and/or router? Called your ISP company to ask if they may be restricting access to certain ports or throttling your connection?

I'm at college right now, me and my roommate are on the same (99% sure) internet connection (hardjacked to wall). I have an older white xbox, his is the newer black ones, I ALWAYS get the cant connect to EA server problem, he never gets it. We've literally taken it out from my xbox to his xbox and it works for him. I don't think it's your router issue.

Have you tried switching 360s? As in, changing places with them to see if it works for you where his is and vice-verse?

Everything still works perfectly for me. I haven't had any problems at all.
It has been great being able to play my favourite game without any crap.
My buddies appreciate it, too. They missed their medic.

My router isn't the issue, I know. It was only part of the problem. It would make sense that one of the fixed bugs or features added would have something in common with the other users experiencing the same issues I have had. If EA cares, it would be worthwhile to investigate; possibly finding out what it may be.

For the record, I didn't and still do not have problems with NON-EA games. This leads me to assume that my ISP didn't "drop the ball", nor was the problem purely my router or other devices associated.

I'm only hoping that this problem doesn't overlap onto Battlefield 3. What a great game it will be, and what a shame if the issue persists.