Faces not importing into Mass Effect 3

A few people on the BSN who have the game are reporting that if you accept the imported face from ME1 into ME2, then when you import into the third game an error pops up stating the face could not be imported correctly and you'll have to start again.

Hopefully this isn't true and you can import without trouble but if it isn't then I hope there is a day one patch to fix this.

I've used the same face on my Shepard for five years now and I wont be happy if I have to try and recreate that look in ME3. 


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As long as I'm still able to import the choices made from the previous two games, I won't lose too much sleep over having to change the face, was wanting a new hairdo anyway, I could see this being a bigger deal for others though, they really should fix the problem straight away...:-)

The error code isn't because they knew about the problem. They more than likely put in the factors of determining what's set and what isn't, then if parameters aren't met the error message is displayed. It's a simple way to do it instead of going through every single line of code for each little detail.

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If this is indeed true, then it will make the original Mass Effect irrelevant to play if your shepard's face will not import properly, but again hopefully this is not a widespread issue and a day 1 patch will be issued to fix it, if it does happen. Either way I will continue my playthrough but will maybe attempt to alter my latest femshep face in Mass Effect 2. 



How will your character's aesthetics render the game itself "irrelevant to play?"


Personally, I don't see an issue either way. The character creation from both 1 & 2 were terrible. if I have to change their look, so be it -- it wont affect my game or my decisions.

reason it can't is due to changes made in the character creator. if you try and type in the face code from 2 to 3 something will change about the face.

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Mine imported fine, maybe because of the update? im not sure.

[/quote]Do you change anything in Mass Effect 2.

The problem only occurs if you selected Accept Imported Face in ME2 as it does not give you a face -code. 

There is no code for the default Shepard.

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Bioware have officially commented on this now.

Chris Priestly wrote...

Hi everyone

We are aware that some players are having issues importing the faces of characters from Mass Effect 1 or Mass Effect 2 into Mass Effect 3. The issue is likely in how faces were detected when imported from Mass Effect 1 into Mass Effect 2, and we’re working on the best way to correct it for affected players.

As our teams work hard to address the importing of face codes we would like to call out a fan made tool that may be able to help PC users in the short term:
Mass Effect Tools



Sooo... at first I thought this was a problem for everyone. After reading this, do I understand that it is just happening for the people who imported characters from ME1 to ME2?  And does that mean that if you created a new character in ME2, that it will import properly into ME3?

The reason I ask is that my ME1 imports didn't work and I never did get them fixed. It wasn't so bad then, because the "default decisions" that bioware provided as the most common decisions that people made were pretty much the same decisions I made anyway. I didn't mind tweaking the face much because I only played 1 playthrough of ME1 with 1 character.  But my addiction grew with ME2 and I played as every single character class. I had both male and femsheps and I made each look differently because I imagined each one being different and making different decisions.  Would kinda suck (read as be impossible) if I had to start over and try to remember all the differences between the looks with all 6 classes, including 2 femsheps.

Sorry about the reposts. This has to be one of the more poorly designed websites on the internet.

The face of my female Shepard was essentially the same look that the default Shepard had for ME3 so when my face refused to import I just used that one.  It was a little annoying.

I would love to see picture of everyone's Shepards just to see how "impossible" they are to recreate. Not trying to be rude about this, I'm just honestly curious.

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