Face Import patch doesn't work correctly

The patch to fix the face import bug has hit the PC today (360 and PS3 tomorrow) and it still gets things wrong, close but still wrong.

It looks to me that they are matching as close as possible to the assets in the ME3 creator.

Some pics.




Perhaps I am just being picky because that is close but things are still wrong. The eyebrow colour and hair looks off. The mouth shape is slightly different. There is also a noticeable plastic quality to the face compared to the previous two games, from ME2 especially. Also there is something funky about the eyes I find off-putting.


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good lord, close, but her skin tone ends up looking like a slab of raw halibut.  I dont understand how they could drop the ball so hard on the final game of the trilogy.  I mean, this is a pretty glaring *** up when one of the big things they touted was that you could use the same character across all 3 games.  

Least I know it comes out tomorrow. Looking forward to seeing how this turns out. If my Soldier looks kinda iffy I can just go to her new ME3 look.