Face Import Glitch Have an Update in the Works?

Because I really want to play Mass Effect 3, but I refuse to do so without the character I was promised would able to be carried over throughout the entire span of the trilogy. I really don't want to feel like I wasted $70 on a game that I will never end up playing. Honestly, if this complicated matter is not resolved, then I will never play this game, never buy another BioWare game, & may likely be done with newer video games altogether because I am getting to that age where I'm just done with this BS.

None of this matters to me anymore, the story, the characters, the desire to even enjoy the gameplay, if the developers themselves show such a profound disregard & lack of oversight to their loyal fans who have been faithful since the beginning. I know they are "aware" of the issue & "working on it", but it is highly viable that the issue may never be resolved. If that's the case, then I'm done. I pay out the @@@ for quality gaming both to Xbox Live & to the developers of the specific games I enjoy, & lately both have gravely let me down in terms of execution of their proper responsibilities to their constituents.

If you are going to sacrifice quality to advance your profits or meet an arbitrary deadline, then you have no loyalty to your fans nor respect for the expectations they hold dear to themselves.


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This is the official thread about it on the BSN social.bioware.com/.../9661093.


No more new other than they are working on it.


What a fantastic example of the Ambassador program you are Bird125. Open and full of empathy for the people of LIVE. A true credit to the program.

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Your lack of respect for the frustrations of others is indicative of your overwhelming immaturity. Yet another irreverent adolescent needing to mock others in order to feel good about themselves. What's even more pathetic is that you are supposed to be a friendly representative of the Xbox forum community.

@Bird125: Please check your forum private messages. Thank you.

I completely agree with That Darn Cat 2.  It's ridiculous, how long should it take to fix a problem that they've already had done before.  My guess is they're working on DLC and less than what they should be on the glitches in the game.  What the hell am I going to do with DLC if I can't even play the damn game?

dude... chill... I had the same problem took me all of 10 mins to make a Shepherd that looked just like my old one. Ya I guess it was a noob move on their part to ship with out it being fixed but hardly "the worst thing ever". I second Bird125's sentiment. Now Miranda not being a squad member? That makes me sad.

Yeah, I'd rather not play as my Shepards stunt double.  Seriously, it's not like I didn't try to re-create one of my characters either, I did, and failed; then again, I shouldn't have to re-create my Shepard, it's an aspect of the game I purchased, that isn't there.  Now, I wait for a patch, and my patience is growing very thin.  How hard is it to change the ME2 face coding to match what there is in the ME3 character creation?  Not very hard I imagine, seeing as they did it before in ME2.  It's almost been two weeks and there has been no update on what they plan on doing about this just, "We're working on it", that means nothing to me, they let it happen in the first place, there seriously is NO WAY they didn't know about this problem before release, it's a pretty big part of the game franchise; being, you can take the Shepard you create through the game series, and one of the major factors of Shepard is his/her face.  Not to mention, it was in the previous title, so people have come to expect the same thing, not this bull about 'import failure'.  Just watch...  Watch them come out with a "character customization" pack that just so happens to also fix the import glitch.  But wait, it'll be 1200 ms points!  Oh goody!  I can pay more so I can actually play the fraking game!  I think not.