Fable: TLC

I just got a Xbox 360 with wireless controller. Someone gave me Fable: TLC for Xbox. I want to play this game, but my controller doesn't have the 4 extra buttons on it. Is there a controller that has the 4 extra buttons and will work with my Xbox 360? Anyway to play this game on my 360?


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Fable: The Lost Chapters?

That ain't even on the Xbox 360.

4 extra buttons? the only difference between the original xbox and 360 controller is the white and black buttons are now the left and right bumpers. everything should work fine ( though the game is very buggy on 360) just use bumpers instead of white and black

Four extra buttons?

as I said, the black and white buttons are now the bumper, and the 2 extra ones on the left are start and back buttons. everything is on the current 360 controller and just those 4 are in different spots, and iirc the controler S had the start and back buttons in the right spot.

Yeah that's the same as a 360 controller. White and black are just RB and LB now and Start and Back were moved to around the Guide Button. Everything else is the same.

I was able to play this game perfectly fine with a 360 controller.

Fable TLC now that was a great Fable game, shame about Fable 2 and 3.