Fable: The Lost Chapters

Hey i know this is Fable 3 forums but there is not Fable forum anymore. So anyway since i have been playing Fable 2 and Fable 3 i have been in the mood to just play Fable 1 again, only problem is i sold it a long time ago and now hear that there is a Lost Chapters one that has more stuff in it then the original and since Amazon is selling it new for 10bucks why not buy it. Well here is what this post is mainly about does it work well on the 360 slim? I install my games to my hard drive. Thanks.


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I can't say on the slim...as I haven't tried it. But it did work on the old one. It's buggy as hell though.

Oh really it is? is it buggy to the part where you just don't want to play it anymore?

Sometimes...it freezes a LOT!. They may have patched it for the old xbox...but you can't update them on the 360. I thought about downloading Fable from the on demand games....but I was scared to pay $20 for that if its buggy too. Or 1200 points...I think that's $15-20...something like that.

Oh. Hmm well from research i have heard that people have had some buggyness and freezing. Kind of makes me mad that Microsoft would not put something in the 360 to make all xbox compatible and work just like a 360 game. Don't regular Playstation games play well on the PS3? weird. Still though i think i might get it just because it has been years since i played fable 1 and just don't remember it a lot. Like i had no idea Theresa was the sister of the hero from Fable 1 until i read it in the fable wiki.

It's real fun....just sad that it freezes so much.

So i guess my question straight to you is, since you have it do you play it? For like 13 dollars new would you buy it?  Thanks for dealing with my question by the way, i tend to ask a lot.

That's about what I paid for it...so yes.

Ha. Okay thanks man.

Can't say I've had any major problems with the lost chapters, soundtracks a bit out of sync at times, but that's about it.

i downloaded it for 360 slim and it wont run at all so i just bought it for the pc.

no troubles on the pc at all.