Fable: The Journey Xbox LIVE install failures

The original Xbox version of Fable: The Journey is corrupt. There goes ten dollars.

Few days ago, I bought and downloaded Fable: The Journey (Original Xbox version) and everything went fine until I made the attempt to start the game. I got a message on my screen that the gam faile dto start, and that I should try to redownload so I did exactly that and the same result occured. I thought perhaps it was my xbox so I tried it on a friend's xbox afterward and the problem occured there as well. I could be wrong about this, but I do believe the game files on Xbox LIVE are somehow corrupt. I don't insist on downloading the game unless you want to spend ten dollars on a non-working game.

As far as help goes, is there anything anyone can do about this little problem? As of now I've downloaded the game 5 times and the same message pops up. "No refunds" is quite the quote to lay on someone with this kind of problem, I think.



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I also having the same damn problem.