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I know there is a Fable 2 forum, but no one seems to go there. They should make 1 "Fable" forum, condensed, and allow all talk of anything Fable in it, but that's just my opinion, not like it matters to anyone. OK on to the questions.


OK, first the Fable Pub Games question. To get a Keystone Jackpot, can I put max bid on both 3 and 18, or should I only choose to put the max bid on just one of these numbers? Wasn't too sure on this, regarding achievement.


Fable 2 question. If I buy and rent out a house, do I have to repair it occasionally, like in Fable 3? Yeah yeah, I know I'm doing it backwards, I played Fable 3 before Fable 2. Just curious. If I do have to repair, is there a map shortcut to repair, like in Fable 3, or do I need to go to the actual house's deed to do repairs?


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There is no repair function like in F3, the upgrade system is also very basic compared to F3. Naturally if it is your family home they will always be begging you to upgrade to a better one.

In answer to the Pub Games question,yes, betting on 3 and 18 is fine, however, to get the Jackpot you have to get 3 or 18 with the very first roll of the dice (For the Achievement that is) and it must be a Jackpot Keystone game, of which I think there might actually be only one of but it's been a long time so am not positive.