Fable Pub Games and Fable 2 questions

OK, first the Fable Pub Games question. To get a Keystone Jackpot, can I put max bid on both 3 and 18, or should I only choose to put the max bid on just one of these numbers? Wasn't too sure on this, regarding achievement.


Fable 2 question. If I buy and rent out a house, do I have to repair it occasionally, like in Fable 3? Yeah yeah, I know I'm doing it backwards, I played Fable 3 before Fable 2. Just curious. If I do have to repair, is there a map shortcut to repair, like in Fable 3, or do I need to go to the actual house's deed to do repairs?


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No repairs needed. People ain't so messy in Fable 2 =)