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Can someone tell me what RPG are similar to Fable 3?


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fable 2? uhmmm, oblivion sorta is. Fallout... is an RPG.  I heard Two Worlds was garbage. Mass Effect is cool but not like Fable. SKyrim will be Fable....ish.

There isn't exactly another game of a different franchise that is similar to Fable III. However there will be none equally terrible as Fable III.

@Domuhnic...I hope and wish Skyrim will be Fable-ish.  I'm going to hold you to that!  :-) 

Oblivion is supposed to be a big favorite among RPG fans.

OP , if you didn't play Fable 1 i recommend it to you. Is a great game much better than the last versions but not support co-op and babies LOL. Is backward compatible ; although i don't know if is On demand.

If Skyrim is like Fable it will fail hard. The combat is just too easy and they give you a glowing trail telling you were to go. The last two Fables were a disappointment. I really enjoyed the first.

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very true that.

Perhaps it's just me, but I enjoyed all 3 games in the Fable series. I don't really know if I liked any one of them more than the other two, but I can't say that any of them really disappointed me.

I only played Fable 2, quite possibly the most boring/worst game ever made. Pretty sure it was created with the intention of it being a child's/mentally handicapped persons' game of choice. Way too much hand-holding.

If "like fable" you mean a 3rd person action/adventure/rpg then Darksiders is a decent alternative...you may even like Kameo and/or Overlord 1-2