Fable III DLC Dependancy -Stupid Issue-

HI, I've got a stupid issue, I've bought Some Fable 3 DLC on MY Console, on MY Gamer tag. Here's the list:

Fable III Industrial Knight Outfit
Fable III Red Setter Dog Potion
Fable III Dye Pack
Fable III Five Star Dog Potion
Fable III Dog Breed Set

Now, that's all well and good, but it's affecting a friends game save. (Different Gamer tag)  (This is where it gets stupid)

A friend baught Her Gamesave and Gamertag to my place so we could do some missions together, and so we did, and everything was fine.
She took her save and Gamer tag back to her console, and it is Refusing to load because 'You do not have the required DLC' Download Now.
She never had any DLC to begin with.

She can load her game fine IF my Gamer tag is signed in on a second controller. Which tells me that the stupid game has made her save REQUIRE the DLC that i paid for, even though she has not used any of it. and now it's wanting her to BUY the same DLC just to load her game. This is ridiculous.
The game shouldn't have given her MY DLC to begin with. and i see this as a shameless attempt at ripping her off.

Is there a way OTHER THAN Hacking the DLC dependency's out of her save file or Buying the DLC that she has NEVER HAD OR USED,  just to get her save loading again without having me signed in on the same console.


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Sadly this is the way DLC works in a great deal of cases. The game has to add that information into her save otherwise she would not have been able to play alongside you, she had access to it by virtue of playing on your console.


Now I agree that it is a not very nice practice but sadly the only way to fix this is to buy the content.


I would not attempt to 'hack' the save either. Not only is it likely that you could mess up the save and destroy it entirely, but there is a rik that Microsoft could detect that and her profile ends up banned.

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