Fable II Limited Edition DLC Card code?

I'm really, really late to the party; but I bought a new copy of Fable II Limited Edition and there's no DLC code card for the exclusive content.  I do have  the 48-Hour Free X-Box Live Gold Subscription Code and ID Card, but I already have that.  I'm told there should have been two different cards.  I will only give that via private e-mail to an X-Box Live support agent if that can be used.


Google tells me this was a common problem, and could be fixed by going here.   http://xbox360.ign.com/articles/924/924546p1.html?RSSwhen2008-10-28_110900&RSSid=924546 which is a dead link.

However, that expired back in 2008.  Is there anything I can do?


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Unfortunately you are out of luck, they stopped issuing the DLC in 2008, a year ago you could get them on Ebay but only if you were willing to stump up £50-£75. I checked a couple weeks ago and there were only a few 2nd hand copies.


There is very little point forking out unreal sums of money for a factory sealed version, chances are, the code will not be in there anyway. The Limited Edition does not come with any DLC, although if you are in the UK you can get the Fable II CLassics which comes with both DLCS and which you can probably pick up for less than a tenner on places such as amazon, Game, Play etc etc.


You can try second hand games, pop into HMV and all that for pre-owned copies with a DLC code intact but really I think you have more chance of finding Elvis :P


If you have a friend with the DLC (a real life friend) you can pop the copy the DLC from their USB etc onto your Xbox and the code will work. I strongly recommend you do NOT start offering your personal details in public forums or use public places like these in the hope that someone will send you them,l there are many many many  fantastic folks in the world the rest ain't so hot on the whole milk of human kindness concept.


You can trade for 1 item that comes with the Limited Edition DLC, and that is The Wreckager.


Hal's Sword and Hal's Armour cannot be traded.


If you bought your brand new copy of Fable II Limited Edition from a proper business, you might have luck with Microsoft if you still have the receipt, although I'm pretty sure by now they will say just advise you to return it and get your money back.


If you are in the UK your Statutory Rights should allow you to get a full refund, even if the business does not do refunds as the goods they sold (if factory sealed) were not As Described, even if you have had the game over 2 weeks. (You can find out more on this at moneysavingexpert.com - A UK site).


Also, Lionhead say they cannot issue the codes, as the DLC codes can ONLY be issued by Microsoft. However you are welcome to try if you'd like, let me know if you have any success, good luck :)

Ok, I found the Edit button, deleted my second post and then got an Access Denied when I hit Post after editing my 1st message :P


When I mentioned Fable II Classics in my previous post as having both DLC's I meant that it has both DLC's that can still be currently purchased from the Xbox LIVE Market place, Knothole Island and See the Future.


I have the limited edition.  Bought it when it came out.  My original save game, i got the Limited Content activated.  But since then I've had to replace that hard drive and lost all my saves.  I've been playing the game again, can't afford the new one.  But I can't figure out how to get the Limited Ed content to work again.

You will be able to find it from the Xbox Dashboard in your Download History :)

who can give me the chicken suite  my gamertage is jimmyvanthoen i hope some one can help me thanks allot ;)

If theres anyone at all who has the fable 2 limited edition codes for Hal's sword plz give it to me

or if anyone knows how i can obtain the codes i will do something to return the favor plz

Okay - I'll give you one. Send me a friend request, Gamertag: MuzzaHukka, and I'll give you one for free

Need chicken suit. Ms points waiting

Gt massive Tempah

Send me a msg anytime, I don't ask for anything in return, that would be against Xbox's terms, and any code sent in return will be deleted, if you appreciate the tiny good deed hopefully you'll pay it forward sometime :)

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