Fable Anniversary, lagging all the time and random freezes ...

So i saw quite a few threads relating to this issue, and still on this day it is not fixed for anyone on the xbox 360 ... i wrote this on an old thread :

""" Still a problem, noticed this was an issue a year ago, and i got it as a gift from a friend 1 week ago, and the lag and frame issues and random freezes still exist, if you release a game that is this broken atleast fix it and stop having your heads up the *** lionhead, because this is just unforgivable ... more then a year without a single fix ... bah!  """"

Yes, it is quite a rage since i find the lack of effort from lionhead into fixing this game very disturbing, how can you release a graphical remake of the best fable ever made and leave it broken like this and absolutely ignoring the fanbase ... i don't get it 

And then i got this reply from Miss Diggz, but sadly it's not resolved at all, and i'm not only speaking for myself here, i'm pretty sure of that :

[quote]Hey there Blasti27,

I'm sorry to hear about the issue. Since this thread is pretty old and the original poster most likely has been resolved, I would suggest creating a new thread detailing what you're experiencing. This way our awesome community offer support to you more specifically. Thanks![/quote]

So hopefully someone has some tips that are not on these forums, i tried all the stuff that is on the forums/comments on threads relating to " solving " this issue, and nothing works, since i'm confident it's the game itself that is broken, i have noticed a mate of mine has it working fine on the PC after the tons of traveling and funking around in files, so there must be an option to solve it on the xbox 360 aswell 

Anyways thanks for the time to read this, hope this will be fixed soon


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This is the problem I having. But many others are not . I had some the others problems. Like having to restart. But right now I have this problem

Prison race is  'slow motion' glitch when running  or just stopping. it is impossible to win the race.

I was using a wireless but went out and brought a wired controller. I thought it would work better. But did  no. I did the update but that did not help anything I needed.

Should go out and buy new disk ?? Its less money now. I just brought a new controller. Or just walk away. But I am near the finish.  Any Ideas

Nah don't buy a new disk, the current ones still got issues too, it's a waste of money :(

Just want this stuff to be fixed

Yep.  I have a brand new xbox360 that came with fable anniversary.  Also a brand new controller.  Half of the time the a button is not responsive and there are glitches at the bottom of the screen that never go away.  

I had 2 hero they could not get out of Prison. ( I made a second one because I could not get out.)But I did get out  by rolling, if you can believe that. When you roll you get away from the others. Is that a  glitch or what to have to rolled. I do not think thats what lionhead was trying to do?? Now both of my heroes are out.

But this was not fun. And I will not buy anything more from lionhead again. They do not care so I will not buy.  Too many people were having some kind of problems, and they did nothing.

@VisualCanoe i agree with not buying from them anymore, the least they could do is say they work on it, but they completely ignore it, for all i care they can shove the games up their buttholes

Anyways i made this post to see if there is a solution for this game to be fixed, but the people o this site are not the ones to blame, it's not Xbox fault here, ah well, was worth hoping for, i guess i just have to face the facts i will never finish Fable Anni ...