Fable 3 XBOX Update

After downloading the game update for Fable 3 from Xbox Live, Upon trying to start game on xbox,  the screen freezes and i am unable to play, is there any reason why this is happening?

I have cleared the cache, and am unable to reload my saved game after the freeze and restart of console, so i have to start the game anew

Can you please help make sense of this.




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Ok, now that i used a seperate gamertag and played the game there(even after the update is applied), i decided to go back to usual gamertag and have another crack at loading the game, But now it does'nt freeze and it sits in the loading screen trying to load, and load and load and just keeps loading....... the chickening is a walking but not getting anywhere.... the tips are displaying repeatedly but it's still not getting to the game to play.... why o why

Well, you might have a corrupted save file.  Something to try is to start a new game with the gamertag you are having trouble with, then when you get to the Sanctuary then go to load game and see if your other games are on the mannequins.  If they are, then try to load it from there.  IF it won't load from there, then...  the save is corrupted is all I can think of.