Fable 3: Traitors keep. General stuck in room above me.

I was running through the prison with the general. Fought some prisoners and didnt noticed, until now, he was stuck in the fire. i continued thinking he would become unstuck and catch up. I vaulted down a ledge and thought i could hear the general was following me. After killing all the prisoners on that floor, then  i realised that he wasnt there. I am now stuck on the bottom of the prison no way of getting back to him and there is a door locked which he needs to open. I have no idea what i can do? Help me its been almost an hour!


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the commandor. the commandor is stuck. Im really getting annoyed because i cant do anything else until i do this. i cant fast travel, nothing.

hm.. Try reloading  that save.

That is with me too. And it is sooo stupid because you can't fast travel when in a quest so you are stuck in that room forever. And it is on my new profile that I made that has perfect morality and no one died in the darkness. Lion head needs to update their game...