Fable 3 shop weapons, are they all the same in every game?

My weapon shops always regenerate these same weapons, and I'm wondering if they are the same in all games? If not, I'd be happy to let people buy from my shops if they return the favor by letting me buy in theirs. Here's what I have in my shops. I guess same question could be asked about clothes too, but anyway....

Mallet's Malet

Aurora's Sheld

Dragonbone Hammer

The Casinova

The Splade

The Love Sword

Hero's Companion


Reaver Industries Perforator

Ol Mace



If you need these and they are different from your shops send me a message and we can go from there, thanks!


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Nope, shops will generate different weapons in different games, to get all you'l have to go online in thegame and bargain for all 50 in total.

Oh. Thanks. Hey, another question then. If I were to start a new game could my shops generate different weapons from the first game? Seems like a lot of bother to go after this achievement. And the clothes one too which I assume works the same way. :(

Need to trade with others online to pull them off.