Fable 3 Problems

I was about 2/3 finished with the game when I recieved the dreaded Corrupt File Error.  This happened to me when I was playing Fable 2 also.  What is the problem with the Fable Games? I have invested a lot of money in the Fable Franchises and end up very disapointed.  I lost 6 months of Gaming and still have problems like my gold not showing up when I find it in treasure.  I expect a lot more from Microsoft and I hope others do also.  It just shows how some developers like LionHead care more about money and not creating a good game. Maybe the Consumer Protection division of the Att. Generals office can help with this falty product.  Anyone have any ideas?  Microsoft, Lionhead, do you have any comments?


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It's Lionhead. I love the Fable games but all 3 are full of bugs. 1 and 3 more so than 2. But they are all pretty bad about it.

happen to me too

Only bug I ran into was the DLC for opening the demon doors. Got the achievement but the 7/7 wouldn't go away until I unistalled the DLC and redownloaded it

Interested in a class-action suit?

also happened to me after 50 hours of gameplay just starting again

after 50 or more hours of play my profile got changed to a girl and changed clothes and no money this happened to both my little brother and twice to me

I dont know if its a bug but my pc fable 3 freezes on save screen after i get the guild seal at the first of the game?  Anyone know how to fix this