Fable 3 Legendary weapons: List what you need/have and trade with others thread.

Hello there,

As with many others playing this game, the job of finding people to trade with for Legendary weapons is a task some of us take seriously, considering the fact that its the only achievement that requiures that you look around alot of differnt peoples "worlds".

This thread is for anyone to list the weapons they have and also list the things they offer as incentives in a trade for a weapon the person may need, you can also give freely out of the kindness of your heart but I find that a favor for a favor is the best way for both to feel ok with any trade.

Anyway...here's a list of the weapons I have in game, in no specific order.


#1 The Swinging sword, #2 Avo's Lamentation, #3 The Casanova, #4 The Splade, #5 Hero Sword.


#1 The Tenderiser, #2 Tanner's Glory, #3 Hammer of wilmageddon, #4 Dragonbone Hammer, #5 Sorrow's Fist, #6 The Bloodstone Bludgeon, #7 Faerie Hammer of the Moon King, #8 Hero Hammer.


#1 Dragonstomper .48, #2 Simmon's shotgun, #3 The Ice Maiden, #4 Swift Irregular, #5 Tee Killer shooter, #6 Hero Rifle, #7 Mirian's Mutilator, #8 The Shrieking Pilgrim, #9 Gusket's Musket, #10 Gnomewrecker, #11 Hero's companion, #12 Desert Fury, #13 The Bonemasher, #14 Hero Pistol.

By my count thats 27 weapons out of 50, but I know some are not legendary weapons, my in game progress chart last clocked me in at 22/50 for the "We need Guns, lots of Guns" Achievement.

As for what I have to offer, I have all the items of clothing (yes, even the chefs hat) needed for the "Fashion victim" achievement and if anyone is still yet to get the "Doll catcher" achievement in Fable 2, I have those as well and am willing to help on that as well.

What Iam missing follows...

Pistols: Bloodcraver, Briar's Blaster, Chickenbane, Holy Vengeance, Reaver Industries perforator, The Barnumificator.

Rifles: Arkwright's Flintlock, Defender of the Faith, Facemelter, Marksman 500, Ol' Malice, Scattershot, The equaliser, Skorm's Justice, The Sandgoose.

Swords: Beadle's Cutlass, Mr. Stabby, Really sharp pair of scissors, Slimquick, SoulDrinker, The Love sword, The Merchant's Bodyguard.

Hammers: Aurora's Shield, Jack's Hammer, Lunarium Pounder, Mallet's Mallet, Scythe's Warhammer, The TYPO, Trollblight.

...And obviously if I have anything that you may need, I am also willing to help with those as well.

I should state thought, that any items I help with I need to have back because its all I have to bargain with lol, but as soon as I get the achievements Im willing to part and help anyone still missing the achievements themselves.

Thanks for your time, any message over xbox live will do.


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Sorry for the way the post is written but at the time of writting it, it was properly spaced, again sorry for the wall of text.

Hit me up if you need any of these:

Mr Stabby - 1

Slimquick - 2

The Merchants Bodyguard - 1

Lunarium Pounder - 1

Trollblight - 3

Faerie Hammer of the Moon King - 1

Desert Fury - 1 (fully upgraded)

Holy Vengeance - 2

Mirians Mutilator - 2

The Heros Companion - 2

Facemelter - 1

Swift Irregular - 1

I need:

The Swinging Sword


Really Sharp Pair of Scissors

The Splade

Beadles Cutlass

The Cassanova

The Love Sword

Jacks Hammer

Tanners Glory

Mallets Mallet

Hammer of Willmageddon

Sorrows Fist

Dragonbone Hammer

Auroras Shield


The Ice Maiden

The Barnumficator

Reaver Industries Perferator

The Sandgoose

Simmons Shotgun

Defender of the Faith

Skorms Justice

The Equaliser



Bloomin eck.... did'nt think i needed all them.... that'll teach me to sell some before i realised there was an achievement attached to them!! lol

I can help u with :

The Barnumificator.

Defender of the Faith,

Ol' Malice,



The Merchant's Bodyguard


Aurora's Shield,

Mallet's Mallet,





i need :

simmons shotgun

gnome wrecker

faerie hammer

heros companion

and any xtra you can trade,

sending u a FR.

i have quite a few weapons if you want them

Ok, thanks to a night of profitable trading with my bon amis uyuyuy72 many thanks to you bud, this is what I have:


Swift Irregular - 2

The Heros Companion - 3

The Barnumificator - 2

Desert Fury - 2

The Bonesmasher - 1

Holy Vengeance - 3

Miriams Mutilator - 3

Trollblight - 4

Lunarium Pounder - 1

Faerie Hammer of the Moon King - 2

Mr Stabby - 3

Slimquick - 3

Now then I still need The Swinging Sword Really Sharp Pair of Scissors Beadles Cutlass The Casanova The Love Sword Jacks Hammer Tannars Glory Hammer of Wilmageddon Sorrows Fist Bloodcraver The Ice Maiden Reaver Industries Perforator The Sandgoose Simmons Shotgun Defender of the Faith Skorms Justice The Equaliser Hit me up if you need anything or feel like being generous!!

i have the sandgoose and the equliser and reaver industrial

Below are all of the weapons i am in need of, i can offer any unlisted weapons in trades except for "Hero's Companion" as i do not have it yet but already have it lined up in a different trade.so just drop a message


• Swords

o Legendary Sword #2: Avo’s Lamentation

o Legendary Sword #3: Thunderblade

o Legendary Sword #10: The Splade

o Legendary Sword #11: The Merchant’s Bodyguard

• Hammers

o Legendary Hammer #1: Jack’s Hammer

o Legendary Hammer #3: Scythe’s Warhammer

o Legendary Hammer #5: Tannar’s Glory

o Legendary Hammer #6: Hammer of Wilmageddon

o Legendary Hammer #9: Dragonbone Hammer

o Legendary Hammer #10: Sorrow’s Fist

• Pistols

o Legendary Pistol #2: Chickenbane

o Legendary Pistol #7: Briar’s Blaster

o Legendary Pistol #10: Desert Fury

• Rifles

o Legendary Rifle #5: Simmons Shotgun

o Legendary Rifle #6: Arkwright’s Flintlock


 I can trade you The Splade, The Merchant's Bodygaurd, and the Dragonbone Hammer.  Do you have The Typo, The Shrieking Pilgrim, Skorm's Justice, Bloodcraver, or the Ice Maiden?


i have all of those you need, i'll have time to meet up for the trade after 5pm est, just send a friend add and i'll try to catch you around then.


me and Mendrar's trade failed as it seems the programers forgot to allow X-Box users to trade with PC users, though they did make us share the same "LIVE" system either way i just learned that the hard way. my list is for PC users.

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