Fable 3: great- fable 1 + 2: ?

I really liked the 3rd fable 3 game, but never played fable 1 and 2. Should I get them?


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2 is pretty good....price is down on it so yes..its a good switch up from 3......Im in ur boat has far as the first is....some tell me its better than 2 and 3.......all this is just my opinion...

Sampled the first one on original Xbox, didn't care for it too much... Fully completed Fable III, so I got Fable II as well, and I like it.

thank you for replying i think ill get fable 2 and skip 1 for now, atleast till someone tells me its a good game. oh and is fable 1 made for the 360, or just original xbox?

It's an original, but I think it plays on the 360, and it's in the Xbox originals classics downloads for 360.

IMO, Fable III is the weakest of the series. It's still a good game, but they seemed to dumb down the game a bit compared to TLC and Fable II.

For me, Fable 2 was the most interesting and in-depth of the series.  Fable I simply had too many flaws to be enjoyable, and this showed in how much Fable 2 out-paced it's predecessor.  Fable 3 just seems like a shallow experience to me.  It's fun, and the story is well thought-out, but the game-play is just not as enjoyable as Fable 2.  Fable 3 felt like it was rushed to market, missing some of the features that made Fable 2 so interesting to play (like a wide assortment of foodstuffs one could access easily, or the vast assortment of hodgepodge clothing).  Combat in Fable 3 is a bit too easy compared to Fable 2 as well.  This does make it more accessible to younger audiences, but that is not necessarily a good thing.  If you enjoyed Fable 3, I can say you will most likely really love Fable 2.  Fable 1 may be worth a try, if you learn about the pitfalls and how to avoid or minimize them.  Fair warning, there are some game-breaking bugs in Fable 1, so be absolutely sure to read up on some FAQs about it.

I tryed playing Fable 1 on the 360 but it freezes up my system sometimes at different places so you might want to get the origimal classic downloads like Jameser78 said. I also think that Fable 2 is the WAY better game of the three.

I almost forgot, I do think that Fable 1 is a good though. It just got better with Fable 2.

Typical pattern of things... First one makes the idea, second one improves, third tries to repeat what was good about the second but tweaks it a bit and ends up not as great. Happens to lots of game series.